Rembrandt 3D Technology


Rembrandt 3D has orchestrated the first broadcast quality 3DTV ready for the Consumer mass market. The introduction of the Rembrandt 3D remote control 3D depth adjustment technology positions the R3D AS3D 3DTV platform as the only 3DTV able to provide solutions for all of the key HDTV competitive features. Only the R3D and the Royal Philips 3DTV glasses free, 2D Plus Depth™ AS3D platform provides the technical foundation for this first “REAL” 3DTV solution.

Rembrandt 3D technology

Rembrandt 3D technology utilizes the Philips 2D Plus Depth ™ Auto Stereoscopic WOWvx ™ technology package first developed by a Philip’s incubator and spun off as the Dimenco Corp, based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The Dimenco AS3D is a nine view Lenticular lens (27 fractional views) LCD technology. Rembrandt 3D AS3D has developed its IP based on this Philip’s family of AS3D technologies, adopting the Dimenco core LCD rendering technology. Read More