The Rembrandt 3D Differentiator

Rembrandt 3D AS3D technology does not just eliminate the need for glasses, it also eliminates all of the problems experienced when viewing Stereoscopic “With Glasses” 3D technology including headaches, dizziness, nausea, blurred or double vision and eyestrain caused by the flickering, ghosting, doubling and general poor 3D image quality that 3D glasses provide.
The viewer can not only enjoy Rembrandt 3D’s crisp, vivid, flawless 3D imagery for hours without headaches or eyestrain, but they can also “customize” their 3D viewing experience according to their personal preferences.

An inherent advantage in the Rembrandt 3D math based stereoscopic approach, is that the depth image quality is adjustable by the viewer while watching the 3D image. Rembrandt 3D TV is the only 3DTV product available that gives the consumer hand held remote control Mastery over the customization of his 3D image quality.
Rembrandt 3D First to market 3D Depth Adjustment REMOTE CONTROL HAND UNIT enables the viewer to perfect their 3D experience by providing controls that permit the individual customization of the 3D image through adjustment of the pictures depth perception, viewing distance and image pop out with the same user friendliness as conventional Brightness and Color controls on a modern TV.

Rembrandt 3D will introduce the Maestro™ AS3D TV with Remote control hand unit 3rd quarter 2013.