Hospitality / Casinos / Resorts

The Rembrandt 3D Hospitality, Casino and Resorts 3DTV platform is designed to be optimized for each site’s immediate environment. The 3D depth “throw distance, viewing angles, and other parameters may be adjusted based on traffic flow, lighting, height of installation and other factors impacting image quality. These units are software upgraded to be customer friendly for a wide variety of commercial applications and installation criteria.

The Rembrandt 3D Maestro “natural 3D” image approach has key commercial advantages in that it can be viewed for hours on end. And just like conventional television the Rembrandt 3DTV images are free of any abusive artifacts, visual side effects, dizziness, eye strain or negative comfort issues. The turnkey AS3D platform features unrestricted viewing angles and it can be positioned under a wide variety of site installations.