Digital Signage, B2B, Trade Shows

Advertisers and marketers are eternally searching for “the next new thing” – new mediums for messaging that will break through to consumers. 3D content is “the next new, new, thing” – the most revolutionary change in what can be seen on a television screen since the transition from black & white to color.

By being the first to integrate the Philips technology platform into IP bridges, Rembrandt 3D creates new Ad Network products, harnessing the power of 3D. By adapting 3D’s immersive and attention holding power to the unique needs of AOOH advertising substantial increases in ad retention, brand loyalty, brand recognition and dwell time are realized.

The Rembrandt 3D digital signage platform is a “Turnkey” complete package, able to be custom tailored to end user needs. Configurations can include individual store display windows to multi screen networks and free standing Kiosks.