The Rembrandt 3D mission is to establish the technological and commercial standard for true auto stereoscopic “Glasses Free” 3D creation, transmission, conversion and display. Rembrandt 3D’s concurrent mission is to transform the consumer reluctance to embrace the 3D format due to headaches, eyestrain , dizziness and nausea caused by current technology by providing a picture perfect high definition “Glasses Free” 3D image that can be viewed for countless hours without causing any physiological discomfort to the viewer.
Rembrandt 3D is the only company with the technological capability that will permit it to capitalize on the explosive growth that is predicted for 3D visual imagery and reap the benefits of its’ guiding role in not only the Entertainment market, but also in the Advertising, Commercial and Scientific markets due to the “math based” nature of the technology that permits instantaneous integration with other math based capture technologies.
The Rembrandt 3D conversion technologies will dramatically expand the amount of available 3D content for the viewing audience through it’s ability to instantly convert any 2D network, cable and satellite broadcast transmission, DVD player, and computer gaming console into both stereoscopic “With Glasses” 3D content and auto stereoscopic “Glasses Free” 3D content.