Rembrandt 3D ROKU Channel Rocks 3D Summit with 3D Auto Conversion and AS3D Breakthrough.
September 26, 2012 …Rembrandt 3D premiered their line of AS3D hardware and software advancements at the 3D Entertainment Summit in LA last week. They debuted their Auto Stereoscopic 3D, glasses free small screen television package and 2D/3D content conversion process to the International 3D Society’s membership.

Rembrandt 3D Inventor and CEO Stephen Blumenthal elaborated:
“ Rembrandt 3D has the only Broadcast Quality, glasses free AS3D platform featuring viewer adjustable depth, endless viewing comfort, and technically is a seamless replacement for HDTV. By marrying classical 3D optics with Math based PC processing, we have created the next generation in 3DTV.”

Anthony Vazques, President of LA based Sol Nine Productions observed,
“ the Rembrandt 3D TV image quality is without peer. They clearly have the only picture which is Consumer market ready. It has No artifacts, no discomfort and it looks and acts like a real TV. “

The Rembrandt 3D TV is a turnkey platform featuring a full line of 55”, 42” and 23” AS3D TV’s targeting Retail, Digital Signage, Hospitality, Security, QC, and Medical applications. Rembrandt 3D is the only company to provide a low cost 2D to 3D content conversion solution and live 3D camera capture, as an integral part of their 3DTV B2B solution.

In support of its Consumer market initiative, Rembrandt 3D is proud to announce the 3D Summit Sneak Preview of its first to market, VOD 3DTV ROKU Internet channel.

The Rembrandt 3D Roku channel, currently in beta mode, is scheduled to launch third quarter 2013, and is designed to provide 3D stereoscopic content for With Glasses Consumer TVs. This online ROKU streaming feed will feature 3D stereoscopic Movies / Indie music videos, cutting edge animation, sports and 3D Art.

SVP Operations said, “By providing 3D content for With Glasses Consumers via ROKU, we are providing content for our NO glasses AS3D TV’s at the same time. This means that a Consumer can purchase a Rembrandt 3D TV NOW, plug it into their Cable Box and watch 3D ESPN live, without glasses, or they can log onto our Roku site and watch all of our 3D content just like “REAL” TV.

Contact: Stephen:
Offices: 310 N. Aurora St. Ithaca, N.Y. 14850.
Phone ; 607-339-6098