Cameron-Pace Group, Dolby and Philips Strike 3D Alliance

APRIL  9,  2013  |  08:01AM  PT
Tech trio unite to support glasses-free 3D TV
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LAS  VEGAS  —  3D  TV  may  not  be  the  hot  topic  it  was  a  couple  of  years  ago, but  James  Cameron  and  his  company  remain  no  less  determined  to  advance the  case  for  stereoscopic  on  the  smallscreen.

Today  at  the  NAB  Show  Cameron’s  3D  technology  company  Cameron-­Pace Group,  Dolby  Laboratories  and  Royal  Philips  Electronics  announced  they have  pacted  to  support  3D  content  in  general  and  glasses-­free  3D  TV  in particular.

Under  the  agreement,  CPG  will  integrate  Dolby  3D  —  Dolby’s  suite  of autostereo  TV  technologies  —  into  its  future  content  and  collaborate  on  its use.  The  goal  is  to  create  smart  content  that  adjusts  the  3D  settings automatic ally .

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Giles  Baker,  senior  VP,  broadcast  business  group,  Dolby  Laboratories, told  Variety  the  alliance  seeks  to  bring  high-­quality  3D  viewing,  without glasses,  to  the  home.  “3D  is  not  really  going  to  be  successful  as  a  mainstream viewing  medium  for  consumers  until  it’s  as  easy  as  sitting  down  and  watching the  content,”  said  Baker. “In  order  to  deliver  that  best  experience,  you  really  need  to  embed  a  deep understanding  of  how  the  content  was  created  into  the  3D  content,”  he  said. The  Cameron  Pace  Group  will  embed  information  on  how  the  content  was created  into  all  content  created  with  a  CPG  workflow,  so  that  information  is available  when  content  is  played  back  on  a  Dolby  3D  device. CPG  co-­chair  Vince  Pace  said  Dolby’s  business  experience  and  acumen made  them  the  right  partner  for  awakening  consumer  interest  in  3D  TV.  “The model  for  3D  success  is  from  companies  that  know  what  they’re  doing,  know the  combination  of  quality  and  technology .  So  Dolby  was  a  perfect  fit  for  CPG.” Steve  Schklair,  head  of  CPG’s  rival  3ality  Technica,  told  Variety
(http://variety .com/2013/more/news/red-­camera-­acquires-­2d-­gear-­biz-­from-­ 3ality-­technica-­1200334447/)  Monday  that  3D  live  broadcasting  had  stalled  in part  because  of  the  lack  of  a  strong  business  model  in  the  U.S.  Pace  took issue  with  Schklair  as  he  discussed  this  new  alliance. “People  will  see  entertainment  as  they  experience  everyday  life  and  CPG  will take  the  business  steps  to  make  that  happen,”  said  Pace.  “That  was  done  in the  theatrical  world,  when  Jim  (Cameron)  committed  to  making  a  film  in  3D when  digital  cameras,  digital  cinemas,  were  all  in  their  infancy .  If  you  look  at the  broadcast  model,  to  describe  it  as  in  its  infancy  is  correct.  But  we  see  that as  an  opportunity  for  us.  That’s  the  kind  of  market  we  like  to  play  in.”
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