June 9th, 2015 . Pittsburgh Pa. Rembrandt3D ( HYPERLINK “http://www.rembrandt3d.com” http://www.rembrandt3d.com) launched it’s new line of 3D NO Glasses,  4K resolution, full HD 3D Auto Stereoscopic Displays (3DASD) at the Three Rivers Technology Exhibition in Pittsburgh Pa., last week.  The event was highlighted by their introduction of  their new “Special Edition” 3DASD 10” Android Tablet which premiered award winning film maker, Ken Love’s new Frank Lloyd Wright Film, “Falllingwater in 3D, the House Tour.”  

The 36 minute film is both a historical perspective detailing the creation of the Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, as well as a 3D cinematic virtual tour of Fallingwater, and show the house, for the first time, captured in all four seasons.  When viewed on the Rembrandt 3D 4K 58” 3DASD screen, the impact was inspirational, as many viewers observed.
Viewer comments ranged from; “I’ve been to Fallingwater a half dozen times, and I’ve never really seen it till now, the winter shots are amazing”,  “it’s the best 3D I’ve ever seen, finally real 3DTV,” and “ I can’t believe my eyes.” To “absolutely awesome” commented keynote speaker Miki Agrawal
Steve Blumenthal, Rembrandt 3D CEO said, “It is by far the best 3D we have ever converted for 3D auto stereoscopic viewing, and I believe that it is the most picture perfect 3D ever seen without glasses.  It competes head to head to With Glasses 3D.”

He went on to say,  “ Even the black and white shots of the early stages of construction, the Kauffman family, and Frank Lloyd Wright on site, reinforce the richness and clarity of the films 3D depth effect. Ken Love did an amazing job. “

John Pecora, Rembrandt 3D VP observed. “ one of the key improvements of our new 4K lens design is that it holds a tight  3D focus over the entire focal distance of the image.  Both close up POP off the screen shots, as well as distant, behind the lens 3D shots, are crystal clear.  No ghosting, artifacts, sweet spots or image deterioration, and we do it without gimmicks or “head tracking”.   For 3D digital signage, our 4K resolution is truly a first to market improvement over full HD.  There has never been anything like it, or close to it.”

The 4 K resolution 3DASD screens are available in 23”, 28”, 46” 58” and 65” sizes, and are available for immediate shipping. Contact:  HYPERLINK “mailto:sales@rembrandt3d.com” sales@rembrandt3D for details on pricing, support and solutions.