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From Radio to B&W, to Color TV, from analog to digital to HDTV. The long awaited, eagerly anticipated, the next “New, New Thing”, the Glasses Free 3DTV video revolution has arrived. Introducing the Rembrandt 3D Auto Stereoscopic 3D television system (AS3D TV).
Viewed with the naked eye. NO GLASSES. No Restrictions. No Gimmicks. Flawless, jaw-dropping, immersive 3D stereoscopic images on LCD screens! 3D’s tipping point moment has now come. And the implications and applications, beyond mass media, entertainment and advertising, when 3D becomes ubiquitous, will be enormous.

Rembrandt 3D Mission

Rembrandt 3D is dedicated to bringing to the 3D market AS3D technology platforms which are designed to provide “ 3DTV the Way Your Eye’s See.“ Our Broadcast quality image standard creates a natural, easy on the eyes 3D depth quality, which can be comfortably viewed for hours. Our goal is the market introduction of a 3D ASD hardware, software and conversion technology package which is a seamless replacement for conventional 2D television for the home. Read more

About Rembrandt 3D Corporation
Rembrandt 3D (R3D), is a New York based Delaware Corporation founded in 2012, which has developed a number of breakthrough 3D Stereoscopic video imaging solutions that elevate its 3D Auto Stereoscopic Display (AS3D), Glasses Free 3D television platform, to a Broadcast Quality image level. The Rembrandt 3D AS3D platform is a Math based marriage of the PC and classical 3D Optical video to produce the first seamless 3DTV replacement for conventional 2D television systems.
The company brings to market a state‐of‐the‐art IP in its 3D content Media player, the first 3D Remote control functionality and intelligent 2D‐to‐3D content conversion technology. The main market penetration is within a few 3D‐innovation‐ready verticals such as 3D digital signage, entertainment and content conversion for 3D small screen AS3D as well as 3D with glasses.
Rembrandt 3D For Investors

If you are interested to find out more about business investment opportunities in Rembrandt 3D or in 3D technology at our company, please contact:

Stephen Blumenthal: steve@rembrandt3d.com.

Rembrandt 3D Business Opportunities
Rembrandt 3D’s core technology platform for the commercialization of 3DTV addresses market opportunities in Advertising, Entertainment, Video Gaming, Medical and Military applications. Potential strategic partners seeking joint venture licensing are invited to contact the Rembrandt 3D Business Development group on our website, for more details on how your business may exploit the benefits of the Rembrandt 3D TV technology package.

Our Team
The major asset of Rembrandt 3D is its team. Rembrandt 3D assembled the team of uniquely experienced personnel with unparalleled skill set for advancing all aspects of 3D TV technology without glasses. The full spectrum of our expertise includes R&D, hardware and software development, 3D display production, 3D content creation, 3D content optimization and correction, and 2D to 3D conversion for both with and without 3D glasses displays.

The Rembrandt 3D technical autostereoscopic 3D display team is based in New York and California. It is composed of technical, production, software, and 3D content experts. Team bios