Current Entertainment models are available in all sizes and come with an On Board 3D stereoscopic With Glasses conversion box to convert 3D formats for the Rembrandt 3D AS3D display from Set Top Boxes. This features allows the unit to be connected to any Set Top Box offering a 3DTV channel, such as ESPN, Disney, or the Rembrandt 3D Roku channel and see the content displayed in real time, on the fly as 3D no glasses, AS3D viewing.

As an adjunct to the Entertainment platform, Rembrandt 3D has developed a proprietary 3D Camera application. This black boxs converts the 3D camera classical left/right stereo images into Rembrandt 3D format for instant live display on our glasses free 3DTV, the 3d camera action of nightclub dancers, casino patrons, and bar activity.

This simple to use video technology allows the Hospitality site owner to provide Live on Screen entertainment of 3D video capture of the “performances” provided by patrons and guests. This feature allows Patrons to see themselves in 3D, while they party, live on the Rembrandt 3D AS3D TV.

Viewable without Glasses, this 3D image is produced in real time and may be transmitted via Internet with the same bandwidth requirements as HDTV.


For the consumer markets 4th quarter 2021., Rembrandt 3D will be introducing the Maestro™ AS3D TV with Remote control 3D Depth adjustment and optimization. This unit will provide the User with real time 3D Depth correction and image optimization, based on his personal preferences. It accepts 3D Side by Side stereo video from PC’s, Blu Ray players, the Rembrandt 3D Roku channel and other video sources. This unit will be competitively priced and supports all market verticals.

And just like “Real” TV the Rembrandt 3D depth image can be adjusted to be as comfortable to watch for endless hours, without eyestrain or side effects, the same as conventional 2D TV. The Rembrandt 3D Maestro ™ system is designed to be a seamless replacement for conventional television applications.


3D Gaming content may be played Live from a PC and converted on the fly by the 3DTV on board black box, and viewed WithOUT Glasses in real time.

As all video games are Math based, and the R3D AS3D platform is Math based, the quality of the Rembrandt 3D on the fly, real time, live conversion of games on the R3D video game platform, requires no off line content conversion. This “plug and play” 3D game package is out of the box enabled and instantly ready to play any game on the market, in 3D without any restrictive glasses or headgear.

Rembrandt 3D AS3D Open Gl and Direct X plug ins support a large number of current popular games, though some script insertions may be required to address some games.

Rembrandt 3D is introducing in the 4th quarter 2014, a custom designed Rembrandt 3D Super 3D AS3D Gaming Platform, including a 50”, 4K High resolution LCD Rembrandt 3D TV, with a fully loaded Gamer PC and Joy Stick console.