R3D Content Conversion Suite

Included with these products is the next generation of Rembrandt 3D software tools implementing high speed auto conversion of 2D content into both 3D content formats. The R3D tools convert 2D into 3D for both WITH GLASSES content and for 3D WITHOUT Glasses content formats.  The conversion of 2D content into 3D for With Glasses is currently under high demand due to the lack of 3D content available. 3D content for With Glasses is needed to support the current Consumer mass-market sales of 3D Stereo TV’s.  The US market sales of 3DTV with Glasses are currently at 21 Million sets sold over the last 2 years. (Insight Media, March 2014)

R3D has developed an In-House Content Conversion Suite of tools, which is a key support to all market verticals and as it is also an In-House source of revenue, it is briefly described below.

Rembrandt 3D has developed a Proprietary 2D to 3D content conversion Editing Suite of tools. These Tools are comprised of Rembrandt 3D proprietary IP (Patent Pending) Modules, Rembrandt 3D software and off the shelf hardware /software products. By integrating these tools with Rembrandt 3D trade secret know how and our In-House software code which vastly improves the efficiency and performance of our Math based conversion tools, we are able to achieve and deliver a new standard of excellence for converting 2D video into high quality 3D Stereoscopic content.