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The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, presents the Premiere of Emmy Award Winner, Ken Love’s 3D Film, “ The Letterpress RIP” , on the Rembrandt 3D’s No Glasses 3DTV.

August 3, 2016, Pittsburgh Pa. Rembrandt 3D ( and Kenneth Love Films LLC. announced today the successful Premiere of it’s joint venture 3D film, “The Letterpress RIP” at the Carnegie

Library of Pittsburgh. The 30 minute, No glasses 3D film, was presented 4 times to “standing room only” screenings and received rave reviews from Pittsburgh notables, who commented that the film highlighted the American values of family, hard work, job satisfaction and the industrial artistry of these monster printing machines.

In this 3D film, the viewer is taken behind the pages of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s 50 year history of the ROE/Goss 3 story printing presses. It is a story that follows the paper on its serpentine journey through the presses, history and technological change, culminating in the Press’s demise. The last Press run was completed in August 2014.

Rembrandt 3D worked closely with Ken Love in the production of “The Letterpress, RIP” in crafting a 3D stereoscopic video presentation that would capture the majesty and power of this antiquated printing equipment, which has barely evolved from the days of Ben Franklin’s printing presses.

As the last of the “oldest technology” of its kind, still in operation in America, the story focuses on the generations of Pittsburgh Post- Gazette’s workers, whose Pressroom time ranged from 16 to 41 years, and the culture that passed the job from father to son for generations.

Commented Stephen Blumenthal, Rembrandt 3D C.E.O., “What I found particularly inspiring was the Pressmen’s dedication and demonstration of craftsmanship, team spirit and community that was both surprising and refreshing given the cynicism surrounding the modern day ‘blue collar’ work ethic. “

He continued, “What started out as a story about these incredible machines, under Ken Love’s artistic eye, evolved into a story of the workers who took genuine pride in their daily tasks of providing their community with accurate and timely newspaper reporting.”

The film will be free to the public and shown continuously on display at the Carnegie Library till the end of the year.

Ken Love and Rembrandt 3D would like to thank the men and woman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Pressroom, and Miguel Llinas and Director Mary Frances Cooper, MLS of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, for their assistance and support in making this film event possible.

About Ken Love:

Ken Love is an award-winning film director, producer and still photographer. His documentaries have been screened at the Louvre, Guggenheim and MOMA, and include Fallingwater: The House Tour in 3D, Maxo Vanka’s Masterpiece: The Murals at St. Nicolas Church, Thaddeus Mosley: Sculptor and One Shot: The Life and Work of Teenie Harris, a film about the famous Pittsburgh Courier photographer.

A Pittsburgh native, Love has worked on more than 30 award winning National Geographic Television & Film Specials, winning Emmy Awards for

Individual Achievement in Sound Recording. Funded in part by the Investing in Professional Artists Grants Program, a partnership of The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Heinz Endowments.

About Rembrandt 3D Corp.

Rembrandt 3D is an Ithaca, New York based, 3D Auto stereoscopic (3DASD =no glasses) designer and retailer of the math based Philips 3DTV technology platform. Rembrandt 3D’s Patent approved intellectual property is the only consumer 3D methodology which supports Broadcast Quality 3DTV and end User adjustment for the optimization and correction of the 3D image in real time, on the fly. Rembrandt 3D has brought to market a number of 3DTV’s in various sizes, for both commercial and consumer applications, including a 10” Android 3DASD, 5 in 1 laptop for Consumer 3D viewing. Contact us for a list of U.S. based 3DTV display locations.

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